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1st and 3rd-Party Reviews Overview

Request and manage both 1st- and 3rd-party reviews using RocketReviews.

1st-party Reviews

A 1st-party review is a review given directly to your business by your customer, includes both a rating and content, and is owned by the business.

While a 1st-party review is similar to customer feedback or a testimonial it’s unique because it includes both a rating and content. Because the review content is owned by your business, it can be marked up with review schema. Schema markup ensures the 1st-party reviews displayed on your website, and the aggregate rating, are being indexed by Google and other search engines as original content, therefore, providing SEO benefits for your website.

Requesting 1st-party reviews can quickly increase your review count and content to inform the Insights Report. This report uses review content to discover what’s impacting your customers’ experience to help you prioritize action.

First-party reviews bestow the same social proof that reviews on sites like Google or Facebook provide by showing that others have purchased and experienced your product or service.

3rd-Party Reviews

A 3rd-party review is customer feedback given to a 3rd-party review site like Google or Trip Advisor and is owned by the review site.

Third-party reviews can be displayed on your business website with proper attribution but cannot be marked up with schema.

Request Both 1st- and 3rd-Party Reviews

Request both 1st- and 3rd-party reviews for a complete reputation management and customer experience strategy.

Both review types contribute to understanding the Net Promoter Score® and average star-rating for your business. Combining both 1st- and 3rd-party review content better informs the Insights Report helping you to make decisions that impact your bottom line.

Display both 1st- and 3rd-party reviews on your business website to increase the total review count, enhance social proof, and give a boost to your online reputation. Doing so allows you to add valuable schema markup to 1st-party reviews which impacts SEO, adds star-ratings and helps your business website compete in search results.

With this approach, you can create a robust body of content that can be used to discover valuable business insights, impact SEO, add social proof, and market your business.

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