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8 Tips for Getting the most of RocketReviews

Getting the most out of RocketReviews

  1. Be sure that you have entered all of your business information and reviewed the communications that go to your clients.
  2. Add/Upload business accounts emails as well as personal account emails to RocketReviews.  Business accounts seem to have a higher response rate.
  3. Upload a high quality Logo and Banner to your email template and feedback page.
  4. Update the mail list in RocketReviews with current emails – the more current the better the response rate.
  5. Update the mail list as often as you can. Requesting feedback and review while the experience is fresh in the customer’s mind is a vital component of success.
  6. Volume is critical. Having at least 25 new emails a month seems like a minimum. More is better.

After feedback

  1. When negative feedback is received, respond to the customer’s feedback privately.
  2. When positive feedback is receieved, respond to your customer’s feedback privately or publicly for additional social proof

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