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MS Word and Custom HTML in Email Templates

Using HTML in Email & Page Templates

The RocketReviews email and page editors do not accept custom HTML, PHP or Javascript to assure deliverability.

The editors are plain text only and can be customized using pre-built hooks.

Copying from Word

– Do not copy/paste text directly from MS Word into your email template. Word adds hidden formatting to any document which will negatively affect your email delivery success rate.

The HTML code that Microsoft inserts into Word is proprietary to Microsoft and is only rendered correctly in a Microsoft product. Most email clients (even Outlook) do not know how to render this HTML correctly, and will either ignore it completely, or make their best effort to display it. Either way, it usually comes out broken and is not displayed correctly.

Example of the hidden formatting:

Ideally just type your content into the template editor without copy/pasting it from another location or sorftware. If you must to copy/paste content please use a plain text editor such as Notepad (PC) or TextWrangler (Mac).

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