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Rating Revision and Sending Feedback Request Again

RocketReviews offers two different options for requesting a “Rating Revision”.

Using RocketReviews allows a business owner to automatically request feedback from their customers.

Often times it is a small miscommunication or minor detail that can be solved easily that leads to less than positive feedback received.

Naturally, a business owner may desire to reach out again to the customer once the issue has been resolved and request the rating and feedback to be updated.

This should not be confused with “Repeat Customer Feedback” – allowing you to request feedback repeatedly from a customer.

How to send a “Rating Revision”

Option 1) Rating Revision Button
Click the customer name in the customer dashboard and locate the “Rating Revision” button in the customer profile. Only the latest feedback (the revised feedback) will be stored in the system.



Option 2) Send Feedback Request Button
Click the checkbox next to the customer name and click the “send feedback request” button in the customer dashboard.



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