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Setting or Changing the Organization Type

What is the Organization Type?

In order to define the Organization Type let’s first take a look at an important question we ask in the feedback flow of each of our Request Modes:

“How likely is it that you would recommend OUR COMPANY to a friend or colleague?”

That is the what Net Promoter Score (NPS) asks and is also the the measurement RocketReviews uses to gauge customer satisfaction. The NPS plays a role in all of our feedback Request Modes.

We recognize that the Organization Type OUR COMPANY may not apply to all businesses. RocketReviews therefore allows you to choose your Organization Type. The organization type is the only customizable portion of the Net Promoter Score question. Altering any more would invalidate it as a NPS score result.


When Should I Change the Organization Type?

Anytime you believe another Organization Type would help better identify your business.

The NPS survey question will be presented to customers during the feedback request process. By default the organization type is set to OUR COMPANY.

A great example would be a bakery who thinks OUR COMPANY sounds to formal in the NPS survey question. If Verg’s Bakery Westside changed their Organization type to ACTUAL COMPANY NAME their new NPS survey question would read:

“How likely is it that you would recommend VERG’S BAKERY WESTSIDE to a friend or colleague?”

There are many other options available, including:

  • Actual Company Name
  • Our Agency
  • Our Aquarium
  • Our Campground
  • Our Church
  • Our Company
  • Our Corporation
  • Our Dealership
  • Our Event
  • Our Firm
  • Me
  • Our Non-Profit
  • Our Office
  • Our Practice
  • Our Property
  • Our Restaurant
  • Our School
  • Our Shop
  • Our Store
  • Us
  • Our Venue
  • Our Website

What Should I Know Before Changing?

You can set the Organization Type on any Request Mode step that includes the NPS survey question. Here is a list of locations where the the Organization Type can be edited:

  • Ultimate Mode – Feedback Request and Reminder Email templates
  • Review Mode – Feedback Request and Reminder Emails templates
  • Direct Mode – Private Feedback Landing Page template

It is important to note: you only need to set the Organization Type ONCE as the changes will be applied to all the other templates. This change cascades to other Request Modes as well.

How Do I Change the Organization Type?

STEP ONE: you’ll need to be at one of the feedback request templates that include the NPS question. For this guide we will be using the Feedback Request template from the Ultimate Request Mode. To navigate there: Settings → Request Modes


STEP TWO: click on the up/down arrows to pull down the list of Organization Types. Choose a more appropriate Organization Type and your template will be automatically updated

ug3 1

ug3 2

STEP THREE: your newly changed Organization Type will now appear anytime the NPS survey question is shared during the feedback request step. Here is an example of the Feedback Request sent from the bakery we changed in this example:


Need Additional Help Changing the Organization Type?

You can contact the RocketReviews Customer Success team at any time by emailing support@myrocketreviews.com.

Don’t hesitate in taking advantage as we are always happy to assist.

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