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Social Sharing of 1st-Party Reviews

RocketReviews makes it easy for business owners and customers to share their
favorite 1st-party review on Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn.

social sharing

Social Sharing icons are automatically activated and will work out-of-the box as soon as you install the RocketReviews Reviews Widget.

Step-by-Step instructions for accessing the Social Sharing settings

1) Log into your RocketReviews.com account

2) Click on the Business Name you would like to access or receive the report from.

business dashboard 1


3) From the left menu, click on “Publish” -> “Review Widget”


publish review widget

4) In the General Review Widget section click “Settings”

5) In Step 3, use the on / off toggle for Social Sharing

social share toggle

Uploading or Clearing the optional Share Image

Upload an image to be included when you share a 1st-party review. Or “clear” any existing image to not include a share image.

We will use the Business logo as your default share image. Feel free to replace it. We will of course not overwrite your logo settings. The Share image will only be used for Social Sharing. Your Logo setting remain unchanged.

Tip: We recommend creating a share image that is 1024 x 512.
social share image

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