Business Details

Business Details are populated when we add your business to RocketReviews and includes information unique to that single business location. Go to Settings > Business Details to view.

business details
Business details for a single location in RocketReviews

RocketReviews uses Business Details to customize content in the following:

  • Email Requests
  • Landing Pages
  • Notifications
  • Reply-to email address

A hook is used to allow RocketReviews to place custom content, such as business or customer name, into a template.

email request available hooks
Available hooks to customize the content of the Email Request template in Ultimate Mode

The following hooks place information available in Business Details into Email Requests and landing pages included in Request Modes.

  • Business owners email
  • Business owners name
  • Business owners first name
  • Business owners last name
  • Website
  • Business name
  • Business phone
  • Business city

By default, the business owner’s email listed in Business Details is also added to Notification Settings. To update or add additional recipients go to Settings > Notifications.

business details notification settings

Also by default, the business owner email is added as the Feedback Request Sender Email which is the reply-to email address for Email Requests. To update the reply-to email address go to Settings > Feedback Settings.

business details feedback request sender email

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