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Three Ways to Personalize Your Feedback Request Email (Legacy Mode)

Update March 2018: Please note that the following applies to Legacy Mode. If you are using Ultimate Mode, Review Mode or Direct Mode click here.

Personalizing the Feedback Request Email is one of the best ways to increase customer engagement. Personalizing can increase email open rates, click through rates, and provide a more human experience for the end customer.

#1 Personalize the Subject Line of your Feedback Request

One popular way to personalize the subject line of your feedback request emails is to include the customer’s first name. The [customer first name] tag allows you to easily personalize the subject line.

How Do I Do This?

1. In the Request Modes Editor click on the Available Tags toolbar icon
2. Copy the [customer first name] tag from the Available Tags drop-down menu


3. Hover over the middle of the subject line and click the Edit Subject button


4. Paste the [customer first name] tag into the subject line and edit as necessary


5. The changes to the subject line will automatically be saved

#2 Personalizing the Feedback Request By Replacing the Google Map With an Image

Another great technique for personalizing your feedback request email is to replace the Google map with something more recognizable to your customers. A photograph of the business owner, or of the store front, helps customers make an immediate connection between the business and the feedback request.

How Do I Do This?

1. From the Settings –> Email Templates page scroll down and click the Select Image button in the Email Picture section


2. Click the Select button in the Upload Image window

3. Choose the email image you wish to use and click Open


4. Double check the correct file has been selected and click the Import button


5. Verify your image appears in the Email Picture section of the Email Templates settings page.


#3 Personalize the Feedback Request Using the Job ID

Our final tip for personalizing your feedback request email is by adding the [job id] tag into the body of the request. The [job id] tag allows you to use information from the Customer Profile’s Job ID field in your feedback request.

How Do I Do This?

1. In the Feedback Request Email Editor compose a sentence that uses the Job ID to personalize the request

Verg’s bakery decided to remind customers of their favorite bread in the feedback request by adding: “We look forward to seeing you stop in to grab a few warm loaves of [job id]

2. Click the [job id] tag from the Available Tags menu

3. Double check the [job id] tag appears correctly within your sentence in the email template

4. Click the Update & Preview button to save your work

2 1 edit jobid 1

Let’s View the Changes:

1. Subject line is now personalized with the [customer first name] tag (Billy)

2. Google map has been replaced with photograph of owner to increase recognition

3. Custom sentence using [job id] tag has been inserted into the body of the feedback request


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