RocketReviews Expert Setup Service


RocketReviews is easy to configure and use. However, for convenience we do offer this one-time, $99 Expert Setup service where you can upload your logo to us and we will handle completing the setup of your business in RocketReviews for you! You will always be able to make future changes to your RocketReviews setup any time you wish to.


RocketReviews Expert Setup Service includes:

  • Applying your business logo to brand your customer messaging
  • Selecting your accent color options based on your company logo
  • Adding 3rd party online review links for your Google and Facebook business profiles, if applicable.
  • Editing Your Customer Feedback Settings, Review Monitoring, Reporting and Notifications
  • Configuring Your Request Mode Automation Emails
  • Editing & Testing Your SMS Text Messaging
  • Setting up Your Textback Feature


This service requires only 2 steps:

  1. Purchase our RocketReviews Expert Setup Service.
  2. Upload your business logo. Upon payment, we will email you simple instructions for uploading your business logo file to your RocketReviews support team.

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