RocketReviews Pricing


We offer 3 RocketReviews plans: Pro, Pro Plus, and Executive.  To make it easier to choose the right plan for your business, every plan offers all our RocketReviews features – you simply choose the plan you’ll need according to the maximum number of customers your local business serves each month.

Our Pro plan is suitable for most local businesses. With a Pro plan account, you can add as many as 3,500 new customers each month to RocketReviews! However, if you need more, our Pro Plus plan is suitable for up to 6,000 new customers each month and our Executive plan can handle up to 10,000 new customers each month.

No matter the size of your business or the number of locations you own, as a RocketReviews customer, you’ll have access to everything needed to gather, manage, and promote your customer testimonials and reviews.


Select a plan from the chart below and click its ‘Order Now’ button to start our simple 3-step process to order RocketReviews.

NOTE: We offer multi-location discount pricing. If your business has more than one location, please visit our Multi-Location page for more information.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact RocketReviews Support at


$ 79 Monthly
  • Plan Limits - 3,500 new customers per month
  • Email Requests - 3,000 Monthly / 100 Per Day
  • SMS / Text Requests - 300 - SMS Credits Monthly

Pro Plus

$ 103 Monthly
  • Plan Limits - 6,000 new customers per month
  • Email Requests - 4,000 Monthly / 130 Per Day
  • SMS / Text Requests - 600 - SMS Credits Monthly


$ 203 Monthly
  • Plan Limits - 10,000 new customers per month
  • Email Requests - 7,500 Monthly / 250 Per Day
  • SMS / Text Requests - 1000 - SMS Credits Monthly
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